Shows for Kids

Shows for kids run every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00AM and are $5/person. Although labeled for kids, these one hour shows are great for all ages and are performed by our professional actors just like our main stage shows. They are always child appropriate in content and the perfect length of time to keep them entertained without them getting bored.

Tartuffe*, June 17

*performed by the participants of our Teen Camp
When the kind, yet dim, Orgon invites the religious zealot known as Tartuffe into his home, he has no idea that he has accepted a snake into his den. While Tartuffe acts like a kind minister, he is — in fact — a con man plotting to rob Orgon of everything he holds dear! While Orgon becomes hopelessly entranced by Tartuffe, his family rallies to expose Tartuffe for the rascal that he is. Will they be able to save the hapless Orgon from Tartuffe’s clutches? It may take an act of fake seduction– and an obvious Deus ex Machina — to help defeat this lascivious hypocrite.

  • Sat. June 17 – 7:30

Chicken Wars, June 21 – July 26

A protective rooster antagonizes two boys sent to gather eggs. With the help of the barnyard animals, the boys outwit the rooster, but learn they must join forces to defeat a real enemy.

  • Wed. June 21 – 10:00
  • Sat. June 24 – 10:00
  • Wed, June 28 – 10:00
  • Wed. July 12 – 10:00
  • Sat. July 15 – 10:00
  • Wed. July 19 – 10:00
  • Sat. July 22 – 10:00
  • Wed. July 26 – 10:00

Musicville*, July 1 – 8*

*performed by the participants of our Performance Camp
MUSICVILLE takes you on an adventure with Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they attempt to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence. On their quest to the Castle of Composition, they pass through the Desert of Doo-wop, the Ocean of Opera, and the Terrible Terrain of Tango meeting musical friends and foes along the way. Their journey teaches them about new kinds of music, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of working together!

  • Sat. July 1 – 10:00
  • Wed. July 5 – 10:00
  • Sat. July 8 – 10:00

The Princess & The Porcupine, July 29 – August 5

Princess Perfect — the most beautifulest princess in the whole wide world — must be married, as her subjects are fed up with her expensive tastes. To win her hand, a courageous knight must defeat the dreaded Two-Headed Monster of Bad Stuff, and steal the Ruby it is protecting. Three valiant souls quickly put their lives on the line: Sir Jun the Brave, Sir Prize the Wise … and Bob the Porcupine. Does a blue-collar porcupine have a sliver of a chance against such a deadly monster? And what will happen to the Princess if he does?

  • Sat. July 29 – 10:00
  • Wed. August 2 – 10:00
  • Sat. August 5 – 10:00

Zeus on the Loose, October 14 – 21

Sally, the new kid in town, meets Dermot who loves the Greek Gods. He pretends to be Zeus and only seems to be able to communicate by acting out all the Gods he knows. Sally becomes Zeus’ wife, Hera, then Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena and all the other Goddess the two of them can think of. A friendship develops as these two mortal kids vie for the title “God of Imagination”.

  • Sat. October 14 – 10:00
  • Tues. October 17 – 10:00
  • Wed. October 18 – 10:00
  • Sat. October 21 – 10:00