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Paul Pepper: Todd Davison – Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas. They’re back! 

TODD DAVISON re-introduces us to the always-hilarious ‘Church Basement Ladies’. They’re back on the Maples Rep stage in “Away in the Basement” this weekend and next! (4:32) November 20, 2018


Paul Pepper:  Todd Davison, Maples Rep Theatre, “On Golden Pond”

TODD DAVISON invites everyone to come see Maples Repertory Theatre’s next production, “On Golden Pond,” beginning this Wednesday at the Royal Theatre in downtown Macon! Running for two weekends, this classic story is the second-to-last production of their 15th season. (4:19) October 22, 2018


“On Golden Pond” Opening at Maples Repertory Theatre

The fifteenth season of live professional plays at Maples Repertory Theatre continues with Ernest Thompson’s American classic, On Golden Pond, October 24 – November 4. A truly golden gem, On Golden Pond is a play for all ages…


36 local things to do this October


Paul Pepper: Todd Davison, Maples Rep Theatre, “Fall Season Shows”

“People say after the summer, ‘oh, you must not be doing anything or whatever’, but between the summer and the fall, for us, is really, really busy.” — TODD DAVISON, Artistic Director of Maples Repertory Theatre. The final crop of shows for 2018 include: ‘On Golden Pond’, ‘Dearly Departed’, the return of the ‘Church Basement Ladies’, plus a special fundraiser at The Pear Tree! September 25, 2018


Express Eight: Q&A with Cheyenne Nelson

Maples Repertory Theatre in downtown Macon is welcoming back Cheyenne Nelson to the Royal Theatre for a special night of music and fun, Sept. 22, 2018.


Paul Pepper: Maples Rep Theatre, “The Drowsy Chaperone” (Performance)

Pittsburgh native TROY BRUCHWALSKI performs “I Am Aldolpho” from Maples Rep Theatre’s production of ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’, opening tomorrow night in Macon! Artistic Director TODD DAVISON calls this show “extremely entertaining and very, very funny.” July 19, 2018


Express Eight: Q&A with Trevor Belt

At the helm of Maples Rep’s production of “Tom, Dick and Harry” is Macon’s own Trevor Belt. Belt, a 2005 graduate of Macon High School…


Familial Follies

Today should be the greatest day of Tom Kerwood’s life.  He and his wife, Linda, are a step away from adopting a baby.  Then Tom’s two brothers, Dick and Harry, decide to help.  Dick wants to share the proceeds of smuggled cigarettes to help support the child while Harry plots to get them a killer deal on a house by planting cadaver bits in the backyard…


Maples Repertory Theatre to present ‘Tom, Dick, and Harry’

“Tom, Dick, & Harry” is a hilarious story of three brothers. The story begins with Tom and his wife, who are about to adopt a baby…


Thank You for the Music. . .and the Singing. . .and the Dancing. . .and the Fun

Sophie is getting married and she wants her father to give her away. The problem is she doesn’t know who he is, but has it narrowed down to 3 candidates. She could ask her mom, but she doesn’t know which of the 3 it is either. Which dad gets the honor?


Paul Pepper: Maples Rep Theatre, “Mamma Mia” (Performance)

Maples Rep Theatre is kicking off their 2018 season with “Mamma Mia,” and we’ve got a sneak peek! Check out ‘Donna and the Dynamos’ (MARIA KONSTANTINIDIS, FAITH SANDBERG and MEGAN OPALINSKI) ) singing “Dancing Queen.” Guest: TODD DAVISON June 12, 2018


Maples Repertory Theatre to present ‘Mamma Mia!’

Featuring 28 songs by ABBA, the musical tells the story of Sophie. She is about to be married and wants her father present for the wedding, but she’s never met the man and isn’t sure who he is…